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Overbookd helps conserve your most valuable resource by talking about the cost of meetings rather than just time

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Feeling the time-crunch? You’re not alone.

You don’t need to call a meeting to understand this problem.

$399 Billion

of your time is spent in pointless meetings

24 billion hours

Per year will be wasted in pointless meetings

71% of managers

say meetings are unproductive and inefficient


meetings attended each day. You're a part of this!

Make sure meetings matter with Overbookd!

We surface how and where your teams time is being spent, along with the cost of that time. Use this information to become more intentional about your meeting behavior.

Pull your team and company away from a meeting first culture with our data driven recommendations. Your company culture will thank you!

We use industry wide data to help you power company-wide change and reduce meeting fatigue and waste. Plus, you can get up and running in under 4 minutes.

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Here’s how it works. 


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Create your account via Google Workspace Marketplace listing or our portal


Calendar Connect

Provide some basic information and connect you and your teams calendars to gain a holistic view of meeting activity


Learn what's happening

Overbookd analyzes all meeting events and shares key insights into your meeting behavior


Become more productive

 Take action on insights from Overbookd and start to change meeting behaviors and culture

Ok, ready to get started now?

Industry-wide data powering company-wide change

We wanted to go deeper than the raw data and help provide you with intelligence you can take action on!

Improve your meeting culture with data-backed conclusions
Build your business case with industry-standard salary data
Compliant with Google security and privacy policies

Frequently asked questions

We get questions from time to time, so we thought we'd over share. Also, downloaded the add-on yet?

How does Overbookd calculate the estimate cost?

We are leveraging the evolution of LLMs to generate salary estimates for all users and meeting participants. This approach allows Overbookd to still provide a cost signal while respecting our users’ privacy concerns.

Does Overbookd have a web interface?

Yes! Overbookd offers a robust web app where users can see all of their insights and information. Additionally, they can create different report views by filtering on meeting participants and tags. See more for yourself here!

How does Overbookd use the data it collects?

Overbookd does not share or sell user data with third parties. We may use data from users to better understand how meeting culture manifests across industries and geographies, as well as how individuals can influence meeting culture using Overbookd.

How much does Overbookd cost?

Overbookd has a simple cost structure. It is free for all users forever if you connect just 1 to 2 calendars. If users would like to connect more team members calendars they can buy Calendar Credits in buckets of 20 for $20 per month ($1 per calendar per month). All payments are secured by Stripe payment processing protections.

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