Time is precious, so act like it

With Overbookd, say farewell to an agenda-less world, last minutemeeting invites,and reveal theshocking cost of "let's just chat."

Your meeting behavior, by the numbers


of meetings lack a clear agenda and goal


of meeting invites sent with less than 24hr prep time


time cost wasted in pointless meetings each year

What does Overbookd offer?

AI Driven Cost Analysis

Yes, we have AI too! We use it to produce cost estimates for the meetings you and your team attend. This provides an accurate estimate, without the risk or overhead associated with inputting the salaries of attendees.

Overbookd feature 2
Overbookd feature 1

Automatic Event Classification

Do our meetings have agendas? Are we having too many recurring meetings? Now you can answer these questions and more instantly with our automated, real-time, event classification feature.

Lead Time Monitoring

Prep time problems? You are not alone. Last minute meeting invites disrupt people's days and prevent your organization from putting your best foot forward. Keep an eye on the impact, the root cause, and a game plan for preventing last minute disruptions.

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Analyze & monitor up to five calendars absolutely FREE

In less than 5 minutes you can create your account, connect your calendars, invite teammates, and begin taking your time back.

Connect additional calendars at any time for a flat fee of just 50¢ per month!

How it works?

Securely connect to your Google calendar.

Use Google auth to quickly create your Overbookd account and connect your calendars. We analyze events past and present so no need to wait for your dashboards to populate.

Processing and AI

We leverage OpenAI along with our own analysis engine to understand meetings trends and build your comprehensive dashboard.

Review analysis instantly.

No need to wait to get started, we'll backfill your dashboard with existing events and continue to keep it updated as your calendars are adjusted. It takes less than 5 minutes to get up and running from start to finish and we've prepared a number of filters and features to optimize your experience.

Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? We've got answers.

How does Overbookd calculate the estimate cost?

We are leveraging the evolution of LLMs to generate salary estimates for all users and meeting participants. This approach allows Overbookd to still provide a cost signal while respecting our users’ privacy concerns.

Does Overbookd have a web interface?

Yes! Overbookd offers a robust web app where users can see all of their insights and information. Additionally, they can create different report views by filtering on meeting participants and tags. See more for yourself here!

How does Overbookd use the data it collects?

Overbookd does not share or sell user data with third parties. We may use data from users to better understand how meeting culture manifests across industries and geographies, as well as how individuals can influence meeting culture using Overbookd.

How much does Overbookd cost?

Overbookd has a simple cost structure. It is free for all users forever if you connect just 1 to 2 calendars. If users would like to connect more team members calendars they can buy Calendar Credits in buckets of 20 for $10 per month ($0.50 per calendar per month). All payments are secured by Stripe payment processing protections.